Passengers 2.9/5


  • Rating – PG -13

  • Genre – Science Fiction, Romance

  • Director – Morten Tyldum

  • Screenplay – Jon Spaihts

  • Cast – Chris Pratt / Jennifer Lawrence / Michael Sheen / Laurence Fishburn / Andy Garcia

  • Distributer – Columbia Pictures

  • Release date – December 21st, 2016

Overall Impression:

I have to admit, I was expecting a sci-fi thriller when I first saw the trailer for this movie. I honestly felt a little mislead. I had envisioned attacking machines and an appropriately large-scale fight to the death between the two passengers and said machines. I’m sorry to say that this was not the case.  Instead what I got was kind of like Castaway meets Titanic. Here you have a rich girl and poor-dreamer guy fall in love, who then must fight for their survival aboard a sinking spaceship… I guess. The “You die, I die” part was eye roll worthy and again very reminiscent of Titanic. Don’t get me wrong the film wasn’t baaaad. The sets, the effects, and the chemistry and acting between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were great, but the story could’ve been a lot better.



Set in the future where people can emigrate to man-made planets, Jim Preston (Pratt) along with 5,258 others are in hibernation aboard the starship Avalon. Here they will remain for 120 years, when the ship arrives at its final destination – the Homestead Colony. Unfortunately the ship flies into a meteor shower causing a malfunction in the sleep chambers. This ultimately leads Preston and Aurora Lane (Lawrence) to awaken 90 years too soon. The ramifications of these malfunctions echo throughout the rest of their lives and the two must learn to cope with what comes next.


  • It sparks great discussions and debates on ethics and morality. One of the passengers is faced with a choice that has both negative and positive influences.

  • The chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt was inspired! I really enjoyed seeing the two of them on screen together. They played their roles very convincingly. The joy that’s seen on Lawrence’s face during one of the scenes with Pratt is almost palpable and even had me smiling along with her.

  • The visual effects were breathtaking, especially the scene with the lack of gravity and the spherical water


  • The story moved slowly at first, until I realized that that was the story… there wouldn’t be any more action until about half way through the movie. Finally, and only then was the true plot uncovered – ship issues and impending doom…

  • The story didn’t have enough surprises to keep me interested. It was all just so disappointingly predictable.


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