Blade Runner 2049 – 4/5

Credits: bladerunnercover

  • Rating – R
  • Genre – Sci-Fi / Neo-Noir
  • Director – Denis Villeneuve
  • Screenplay – Hampton Francher / Michael Green
  • Cast – Ryan Gosling / Harrison Ford / Ana de Armas / Sylvia Hoeks / Robin Wright / Mackenzie Davis / Carla Juri / Lennie James / Dave Bautista / Jared Leto
  • Distributer – Warner Bros. Pictures / Sony Pictures
  • Release date – October 6, 2017

Overall Impression:

My first foray into the world of science fiction was with Blade Runner and I was hooked, so naturally this sequel was a highly anticipated film for me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as amazing as its predecessor. It took me a bit of time, during the film, to get back into the neo-noir tone of the story, mostly because of the length. Now, for the most part I do enjoy a good long movie but this 2hr and 44 minute vision does have a tendency to drag on. If it wasn’t for the beautiful sets and Ryan Gosling I’m not sure I would’ve made it through the whole movie. 



It is the year 2049 and the young blade runner, K (Gosling), is on the hunt for older models of replicants like himself. The encounter he has with his latest target begins the slow descent into a neatly tucked away conspiracy surrounding secrets about his kind. As K digs deeper and deeper he is faced with questions that lead him on a search for former (and missing) blade runner Rick Deckard (Ford). With the weight of K’s police unit on his back and the Wallace Corporation (the new Tyrell Corporation of this time) aggressively pursuing him at every turn, things start to get dicey.


  • They spend a lot of time on character development so you get a real feel for who each person is and what their purpose is. Writer’s often forget that we actually don’t know who their characters are so it’s refreshing that they spent time explaining their motivations and feelings.
  • As always, I’m a sucker for beautiful sets and effects and I was not disappointed. Based on Villeneuve’s other films I was absolutely expecting something amazing because the cinematography is always able to capture the tone of his creations through the visuals. There’s this one scene where K is walking through a deserted city and the image is just so fantastic that for a second I feel like he’s walking inside of a sunset – just gorgeous. Not to mention the neon and monochromatic tones of the desolate cityscape.



  • My main qualm with this film, and really my only qualm, is the length. I felt that some parts were definitely unnecessary and could’ve been cut. There were some great scenes but it might’ve made for a more engaging movie if certain ones and, to be honest, certain characters were removed altogether.
  • I know, I know Harrison Ford, you’re a legend but without spoiling the film, there’s one scene where I thought to myself… “Harrison, I think that’s enough for you now.” I believe that entire scene could’ve been cut to a quarter of what it is. You’ll know it when you see it and if you don’t, just remember this image:





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