Thor: Ragnarok – 3.9/5

Credits: Thor1

  • Rating – PG-13
  • Genre – Sci-Fi / Adventure/ Comedy
  • Director – Taika Waititi
  • Screenplay – Eric Pearson/ Craig Kyle/ Christopher Yost
  • Cast – Chris Hemsworth / Tom Hiddleston / Cate Blanchett / Idris Elba / Jeff Goldblum / Tessa Thompson / Karl Urban / Mark Ruffalo / Anthony Hopkins
  • Distributer – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Release date – November 3, 2017

Overall Impression:

This is definitely the year of the superhero and Thor is everything I thought it would be. There were great fight scenes, an interesting plot and a truly intriguing villain, my concern, however, is with the humour. It was a very funny movie but I’m worried that it might have been too funny at the expense of the tone we’ve come to expect from these movies. At times the humour became a bit predictable and a little too much.



Faced with the appearance of a new family member, Thor (Hemsworth) finds himself, once again, banished from Asgard and imprisoned halfway across the universe. Meanwhile, back on his home planet, Hela (Blanchett), goddess of death, wreaks havoc on the citizens with plans of far more evil conquests. Together with an unsuspecting band of comrades, Thor fights to find his way back to Asgard before Hela destroys his entire civilization.


  • Cate Blanchett was impeccable. Only Cate can go from Galadriel, Lady of Light, to Hela, goddess of death, and portray both characters so singularly. She incited the perfect amount of anticipation and intrigue whenever she appeared on screen. Without knowing much about her background, I was still able to glean the intensity and dangerousness of her character.


  • The fight scenes were fantastic. I was engaged the entire time and loved how the camera caught every movement. From amazing battle choreography to the facial expressions Waititi framed every angle beautifully.



  • I really wish we could’ve gone a bit further into Hela’s background. Marvel gave us the making’s of a great villain, but imagine the possibilities if they dug deeper into her character and made us understand and sympathize with her… possibly explain what exactly she’s been up to for the last two movies.
  • The humour was overkill for me. There were genuinely funny moments here and there but it seemed like half of the movie was focused on jokes.



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