Murder on the Orient Express – 4/5

Credits: murderontheorient

  • Rating – PG-13
  • Genre – Crime/ Drama/ Mystery
  • Director – Kenneth Branagh
  • Screenplay – Michael Green
  • Cast – Kenneth Branagh/ Johnny Depp/ Daisy Ridley/ Michelle Pfeiffer/ Judi Dench/ Penelope Cruz/ Josh Gad/ Leslie Odom Jr./ Willem Dafoe/ Derek Jacobi/ Lucy Boynton/ Olivia Colman/ Tom Bateman/ Sergei Polunin/ Maunel Garcia-Rulfo/ Marwan Kenzari/ Miranda Raison/ Adam Garcia
  • Distributer – 20th Century Fox
  • Release date – November 10, 2017

Overall Impression:

I have to say, I am more of a Sherlock Holmes fan myself but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good murder-mystery. This adventure with Hercule Poirot (played by Branagh) is definitely entertaining and kept me on my feet the whole time. All the obstacles that come with solving a murder on a moving, then stationary train did not disappoint.



After unexpectedly catching a train at the behest of a case he must attend to in London, Poirot embarks on a three-day journey from Istanbul. In his company is a variety of strange and suspicious passengers who all, in their own right, become the prime suspects in the murder of the crime lord, Samuel Ratchett (Depp). Poirot begins his meticulous, and at times obsessive compulsive, investigation of the complex murder. No one has come or gone from the train since the death of Ratchett occured, leaving Poirot with many questions but few straightforward answers.


  • The set design and scenery are so gorgeous and eye catching that you sometimes forget the majority of the movie takes place in and around one location.


  • The script’s plot takes us on a complex journey that keeps us guessing and hungry for the next clue – well done Green, and of course Agatha Christie.


  • I normally love long movies but not for its own sake. While this film wasn’t particularly long per se, I do feel like some parts dragged on a bit and didn’t need to be included in the final cut.



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